A Little Query

     If you have a brain transplant, do you lose all sense of you, and take on the persona/personality of the new brain? If this is so... Say a person is an organ donor and someone needs a brain transplant. This donor has done some horrific crimes, but they were never caught. The criminals' brain is then put into a demure, law biding person... Does this law biding person become a criminal? 

     Also, what happens if there is a partial transplant, and half of the brain is that of the said criminal. Would the "good" half of the brain be at conflicts with the "bad" half? Would this drive someone insane just with there sheer internal conflict?
     Just something to think about.


Dessiree said...

I think it all depends on your beliefs. For me, it's the soul that defines a person, not their physical organs. :]

Making Lemonade said...

Good thing there isn't such a thing as a soul transplant. :)

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