Like a Phoenix

     The beginning of the day... Was not very good. I went to the place and I'm glad I went early. It was busy. Kim said that what it was like today, was it being not being busy. Anyway... I went. I spoke to the person I had to. There is so much red tape and "necessary" forms and information. It's mind boggling that it is so easy to have the taxes taken out of my (then) paycheck, but when I (or anyone else) needs the assistance, they seem like they want your first born! 

      So, I have thirty days to send in the rest of the information that the case worker needs. Mind you, the paper that was sent to me didn't say anything about needing this and that or a vial of my blood (the blood is an exaggeration of course). I would have been more prepared if these requirements were stated. 

      How... How on Earth is it possible that someone can be on public assistance and drive around in a new and expensive car? Can someone explain this to me please? Maybe this is the hater in me, but if you can afford the expensive car payment... Why can't you afford food? I probably need to shut up, because as a firm believer in Karma, I don't want my bitterness to some how effect my future. 

     I did get a call back for a part time job on Friday. I procrastinated (a horrible habit of mine) and finally just called the HR lady back. I had to leave a message for her because she wasn't in the office yet. I had told her that I would be out all day, but for her to please call me. She did! I was so afraid that I had blown my chance at that place, because it did take me so long to return the phone call. So, I've got to call her tomorrow at 1p, because that is when she will be in the office. You better believe that my butt will be on the phone promptly at 1p dialing her number. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

     I think the possibility of getting a new job (fingers crossed!) and spending time with my family, it brought me out of my post place funk. I just have to remember that this isn't a defining moment in my life. I cannot let this break me. I've got a great number of people, near and far, who support me. It is these people who hear the whining and the self-depreciating comments I make about myself. I guess I need to keep them in mind. Things can always be worse... Right?

     On a happier note:

   I am in love with Karmin. They are a YouTube sensation. Amy has such a beautiful voice. Sometimes, I think that their versions are better than the original songs! Now, I love Adele, but... Really? Karmin's version of Adele's songs are just incredible. Perhaps this can be attributed to my good mood?


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