Nice Sense of Accomplishment

     I am feeling pretty damn good today. I finally finished a paper for my Psychology class. It was giving me such a hard time, I couldn't wrap my head around what I was reading, or what we were supposed to do. I guess once I stopped trying to analyze  what I was reading and break it down, it just sort of came to me. Hopefully I get a good enough grade on it where it doesn't bring my B down too far. All that means is that I just have to work my butt off to keep the rest of the assignments top notch, JUST in case I get a bad grade on that paper. We will see though...

     Now, it's a silly reason to be excited about, but I finally got past two armies on Batheo. It's silly, but they were giving me a really hard time. Like, I could not go anywhere past Zeus or Hemera. (I'm talking as though people will know what I am talking about...) It's a fun game. Browser based and it uses flash. A little run down:

     You begin as a hero from ancient Greek Mythology (love). You work your way up and eventually join a faction. You can either align with Zeus, Poseidon, or Athena. However if you join a league before you decide, you automatically align with whatever your league is. I am a Poseidon follower... You build a city and train heros. Its a fun (and often times frustrating) game. I will blame my procrastination on that game, or on The Sims Social OR Serf Wars on Facebook. Yes, I am a game addict. Sad to say.

     Speaking of games, someone on Facebook gave me an invitation to a new game that is in Beta. It's called Glitch. Premise of that game is you live inside one of eleven gods imagination... Better yet, just click on that link and read for yourself. I couldn't possibly do the description justice. I have 3 invites if anyone is interested and would like to give it a try.

     So, yes. Today was a good Sunday. Even if I didn't do anything extraordinary. Yay for small accomplishments! And video games. ♥


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