The Power that Compels Me

     Have you ever caught yourself doing something and then in the middle of it, you have this strong need to do something else? You cannot stop thinking about it and it almost feels all consuming? I was doing some reading for my English class and I had to stop. It wasn't making any sense to me, and I was forcing the reading, because the assignment is due on Monday... I tried to focus on it, but I couldn't. I kept getting this urge to write. Write anything. Write something. So here I am. 

      I have always wanted to write. Since the age of maybe 14, I've wanted to be a writer. I love being able to create a world where anything I want to happen, can. I could shape people to be how I want them to be, react how I want them to react, dream what I wish for them to dream. In essence, I like to play God. Maybe that's why I love playing Sims so much. My Sim Stories were gritty, brutal, and had a darker spin to them then the other stories you found. I don't know what that says about me and my psyche, but they came so easily. 

     I have a collection of my poems and photos that I would love to get published. It's been a dream of mine to be published; however, I don't think people really buy poetry books unless they are from Shakespeare, Poe, Frost, or Angelou. There are probably more well known poets, I just don't know of them... Or they don't come to mind. It's a shame really...

     I am rambling--and my space bar on this laptop is getting on my nerves. 

     Maybe the compelling urge to write should have stayed away for a bit longer. Re-reading this and I sound like a crazy person just rambling. Ha! I'm going to go now...


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