Bedtime, now?

     Some days, you feel like you should have never gotten out of bed. Today is one of those days. Not only did I have a difficult time falling asleep (even though Tex was sleeping right next to me), I had to wake up early for class. Now, class isn't the problem... I was waking up at 4a four days out of the week. I can handle a 7a wake up... The class is so boring.

     Pre-Algebra. Yes, I will admit it. I am taking Pre-Algebra. I'm okay with being in that class. I've been out of school for 10 years now and math never was my strongest subject. However, when reality strikes... I feel so dumb. Last night, my cousin who is in 7th grade asked me to help her with her homework. I figured she would be doing the same math I was, and I would be able to help... Oh was I ever wrong. She is 4 chapters ahead of where I am at. It was a sad day.

      Buuuut I digress. Today. Today today today.

     Nothing really -bad- happened today. It's just one of those miserably damp kind of days. No sun, you've a chill straight down to the core. Not to mention the money issues that seem to be creeping up. I should know better than to believe things will work out smoothly. Every time I calm down and relax... I get worked up again when there is a bump in the road.

     Days like these, I wish Hanna was here. I could really use one of her hugs.


Dessiree said...

*virtual hug*

I get like that with the stress. I'll freak out for a week, talk myself down, then after a few days it comes back up. That's a big reason why I always change my mind, about everything, lol. I let myself stress and worry and over think so many things. It's a curse.

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