It's getting pretty late. I've spent the past 3 or 4 hours (damn...) working on something for work. I'm trying to come up with a plan for a new kitchen/dining area. It's just a rough plan. Especially considering I am no architect and my scaling is horrible. 

I'm not going to ramble much today. I'm tired and I think I'm coming down with a cold... 

I did change my room around. That's a plus! Not to mention that I found out my TV fits in my cubbie space in my room and now I can watch TV in bed. Now I have to get a new TV for the living room. Oops. heh

Breakfast - Spinach Salad with Turkey, Salami and Cheese -  532 Calories

Dinner - Chicken Parmesan - 203 Calories
Baked Ziti - 572 Calories

The Ziti was a smaller portion than last nights, however, I'm too lazy tonight to look up the exact caloric value. So I'm just going to stick with that.
Total Calories for the Day: 1307


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